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IHC Publications

Over the years the Idaho Humanities Council occasionally has published books and monographs related to special initiatives. And occasionally, the Council has supported publications by other organizations and scholars. In addition to books the IHC has printed several curriculum guides and tabloids related to summer institutes for teachers.

Dishrag Soup

In 2006, the IHC published a collection of recipes and essays about food in an anticipation of a Smithsonian traveling exhibit entitled “Key Ingredients” that toured the state. The book, Dishrag Soup & PovertyCake: An Idaho Potluck of Essays on Food, features contributions by nearly 50 writers. It’s a cookbook for the nightstand.

In 2017, theIdaho Wilderness Considered IHC announced publication of Idaho Wilderness Considered, an anthology of essays, photos, and other reflections in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act and the establishment of new wilderness areas in Idaho in 2015.  The book features contributions by 25 Idahoans, including an inWilderness Considered Coverterview with Governor Cecil Andrus on his life inconservation, an essay by U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson on Boulder-White Clouds legislation, and more.

Books may be purchased online (click on links to the left) or by emailing; or by calling (208) 345-5346.  Curriculum guides can be downloaded and printed for free by clicking on this link:  Curriculum Guides.

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