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Sun, December 31 2017
Origins, a New, Permanent Exhibit at the Idaho State Historical Museum

A new, permanent exhibition at the Idaho State Historical Museum called ORIGINS, whose central theme is origins — the origin stories of the five federally recognized tribes, the origins of the unique Idaho landscape, and how Idaho's peculiar shape came to be formed--will be opening in December, 2017. This origins concept will include multimedia formats (e.g., a digital stream that acts as a physical and thematic pathway), and animated, storytelling media projections in the ORIGINS Theater, in which the voices of native elders recount the origin stories of each of the five tribes.

All ages are welcome to attend.

sponsor: Idaho State Historical Society
contact: Dax Chizum
phone: (208) 514-2304
location: Idaho State Historical Society, 2205 Old Penitentiary Rd., Boise, ID
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