Tracy Morrison

Tracy Morrison is a songwriter, folksinger and storyteller. She has studied American Folk music for more than 30 years and performed at festivals, museums, libraries, and theatres around the country. While her songwriting and storytelling explores culture, history and life experience, her musical style draws from American Root genres. Her songs about historical Idaho (western) women include Sacajawea, Polly Bemis, Pegleg Annie and more. Tracy has published a self titled EP (2012) and full length album, Dancing Through Medbury (2014) and is currently producing her third album. She is also featured on the Boise 150 “Our Town” CD and “Idaho Ho Ho Ho Volume 6” CD.

P.O. Box 50411
Boise, ID 83705
phone: (208) 991-6130
Presentation needs: (Optional): Laptop, projector and screen for Power Point display.
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