Dear Pen Friend

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"Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company."  ~Lord Byron

IHC believes it's more important than ever to engage and get to know each other around the state. In order to assist our fellow Idahoans, we'd like to offer a new take on a time-treasured idea - the Pen Pal. Letters are an important tool for connecting with others … and ourselves. How about sitting down and taking the time to write a letter to someone you don't know?

IHC can help! For many people, letter-writing is a bygone art. But, who doesn't love to receive a letter, postcard, drawing or poem in their mailbox? It is more important than ever for us to learn about each other, explore different people and regions, reflect on yourself, understand new cultures, discuss ideas, explore personal histories, good books or favorite movies.

If you are interested email Jennifer at the IHC at Give her your contact information and she'll correspond with another person's information. She'll even mail you a set of 6 stamps to help get you started! All ages are welcome!