Idaho Talks: Idaho Powers Environmental Stewardship Program with Taylor Campbell

July 27, 2023 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Central Idaho Historical Museum
1001 State Street
McCall ID 83638
Krista Rauch
(208) 447-7202

McCall Arts and Humanities Council will be hosting a series of discussions in the study and application of our humanity in relation to our environment. These talks will be held at the Central Idaho Historical Museum’s Carpenter Shop. Built in 1937 and recently restored it is the perfect backdrop to reflect on preservation, restoration, heritage and what it means to leave a legacy. Guest speakers will give a presentation in their field of expertise and then will open up to guests for questions and comments.

Idaho Power is a locally operated energy company headquartered in vibrant and fast-growing Boise, Idaho. We have been proudly serving our residential, business, and agricultural customers since 1916. Education and Outreach Energy Advisor, Taylor Campbell, will take us on a walk through the rich history of Idaho Power and their current environmental stewardship programs dedicated to the preservation of our natural resources.