Gem State Grant

Gem State Grants

IHC’s Gem State Grants are focused on supporting Idaho communities as they look to the future. This opportunity will help organizations explore their community’s history, its future, and its shared experiences. IHC encourages organizations to achieve these goals by focusing on cultural understanding and community engagement. To support this goal further, this grant does not require any match or cost-share. Additionally, awards will not be reduced. You will either receive the full amount you request ($5,000 or $10,000) or no award, so plan accordingly! 

Goals of Gem State Grants include (your project does not need to address all three):

  • Allowing organizations to plan for the next 50 years in their community, such as hiring a consultant.
  • To begin planning a larger-scale project.
  • Crating the project or program that has always been just out of reach.

Examples of projects include:

  • Projects with Community Engagement
  • Capacity Building/ Strategic Planning
  • Humanities projects (including planning)
  • Planning for larger-scale projects

Currently, the IHC’s target audience is the out-of-school adult public


Contact Doug Exton, Grants Manager (

At a Glance:

How much?

$5,000 or $10,000 with no cost share required

Who can apply?

Any Idaho non-profit or government agency

What is it for?

IHC is investing $50,000 in Idaho communities in honor of our 50th anniversary


This grant has a Letter of Interest (LOI) due August 1, 2023 and the application due September 1, 2023

How long?

Projects must take place between 11/1/2023 – 10/31/2024