Grant Applicants

Online Submission For Grants

Read instructions below and click link to apply online

If you have set up an account and begun the application process previously, you may login to the site to access the draft or to access any grant follow-up reports for funded projects.

Applicants interested in applying for a grant should first review the grant guidelines on this website. The next step is to contact David Pettyjohn, IHC Executive Director ( or Doug Exton, IHC Program Officer ( to discuss project ideas.

After reviewing the grant guidelines, follow the steps outlined below. Please pay attention to page limits for application narratives (as noted in the grant guidelines and in the online application section instructions).

1. When you click on the apply online link below, you will be directed to a login page. If you do not have an account already set up in the IHC system, click the “create new account” button. (it is strongly recommended that you click here for more detailed instructions about creating an account.) you will enter contact and organization information when you create a new account. Remember, if you have set up an account and begun the application process previously, you may login to the site and begin a new application by clicking on the "Apply" link at the top of the screen. It is not necessary (nor advised) to create a new account for each application.

2. The first section must be completed with your organization information.

3. The next section must be completed with your contact information, the project director for your grant. This is the individual who will have the primary responsibility for carrying out the project activities and who will be the main contact person for communications with IHC staff. The project director’s email address will be your login name. If the mailing address is a PO Box, please include street addresses as well. If you are a grant writer, do not use your name as the contact name. All communication from IHC about the grant will go to the project director.

4. The last section asks for the executive of the organization. This person will be the authorizing official of the primary sponsoring organization. The authorizing official may be the same as the project director, but the project director and fiscal agent must be different people. Please make sure you include address information for the sponsoring organization when setting up the account. If the mailing address is a PO Box, please include street addresses as well. The opportunity and major grants require a fiscal agent. You will complete contact information for the fiscal agent as part of the grant application itself.

5. The last step is to enter a secure password for your account. This can be edited and changed later as needed. To edit your contact information after you have logged in, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Contact the IHC office if you forget your password – we can reset it.

6. Once you have completed the contact information, you will be directed to an application page. You may edit your contact information here or click on the apply link to begin the application process.

7. To apply, complete each question in the space provided. Be sure to read and follow the instructions for each type of grant application and for each question.

8. You must submit a draft application for major and research grants.

9. Upon receipt of staff input, you may log back into the system and edit the application as needed.

10. You must then submit your final application (by hitting the submit button) by the due date in order for it to be considered by the board. Once you submit the application, you may log back in and view it, but will not be able to make changes.

11. You may print your application by clicking on the "Application packet" link and opening or downloading the pdf document.

12. Decisions - all applicants are notified of award decisions in writing. The board reviews grants about six weeks after the final submission deadline, and notifies applicants within eight weeks of the deadline. Realistically, to allow time for adequate acknowledgement of IHC funding in your publicity, no project activities should begin before twelve weeks after the submission deadline period.