Idaho Teachers Invited to Attend Summer Institute, Titled “A More Perfect Union”

February 14, 2022

Idaho teachers of all grades and disciplines are invited to apply to attend the Idaho Humanities Council’s 2022 weeklong summer institute, titled Building A More Perfect Union, July 18-23 (Monday through Saturday), on the campus of the College of Idaho.  Successful applicants will receive a $250 stipend as well as lodging and meals, texts, and the opportunity for optional college credit. The deadline to apply is March 13, 2022.  For application instructions, go to the IHC website,

Graphic for the 2022 Teacher's InstituteThe institute will explore the history of America’s struggle to form a more just and inclusive society.  The value of an educated citizenry with a knowledge of the systems of government and a recognition of the importance of their participation in civic life will be emphasized while providing resources to teachers to help them teach critical thinking skills to their students as they prepare them to fully participate as engaged citizens.  The institute will include opportunities to examine racial justice, gender equality, experiences of Native Americans and other under-represented citizens through a careful consideration of ways these topics have been addressed both in laws and practice.

Teachers will receive institute texts and an electronic compilation of other pertinent primary and secondary readings.  In addition to attending daily lectures and discussions, teachers will attend special evening presentations, view films, and share ways of teaching this topic in the classroom.

Participating scholars include Dr. David Green Jr. from CalState LA, Dr. Marie Stango from Idaho State University, Dr. Caroline Heldman from Occidental University and The Representation Project, Dr. Rebecca Scofield from the University of Idaho, Dr. Amy Canfield from Lewis and Clark State College, Dr. Liz Redd from Idaho State University, David Adler, President of The Alturas Institute, Cindy Wilson, Dulce Kersting-Lark, and Dr. Ron Hatzenbuehler from Idaho State University.

This institute is made possible by the Endowment for Humanities Education and the National Endowment for the Humanities. This year's institute is also supported by the Idaho Courts Community Outreach grant program.

For more information, visit, call the IHC office, (208) 345-5346, or contact Johanna Bringhurst at