Voices Project

The Idaho Humanities Council recently partnered with Radio Boise (KRBX 89.9/93.5FM) for three podcasting/audio production workshops in 2019. These workshops included members of the community interested in local history, storytelling, and the humanities. The workshops resulted in radio content that inspired discovery and wisdom in relation to Idaho’s history, culture, and traditions through the act of creating and listening. These broadcasts are under the umbrella of Radio Boise’s Voices Project.

This partnership offered a six-week workshop on how to create a four minute audio story based around a central theme or area of interest. Instruction covered the art of the story, interviewing techniques, audio production, and creating a compelling narrative featuring local voices and perspectives. Radio Boise also offered two weekend-long intensive “Radio Races,” in which pieces will be created in a shorter time frame.

The first workshop took place in February 2019 and focused on the concept of intersection.  The completed broadcast includes pieces by Marcia Franklin, Mona Soza, Jason Prettyboy, Jessica Evett, Kristen Cheyney and Kerry Lindorfer. The podcast is hosted by Brion Rushton. The second workshop took place in June 2019 and focused on the concept of change.  Follow the links below to listen.