Recipe roundup

"A recipe is a story that ends with a good meal."  Pat Conroy 




When a family recipe is passed down from one generation to another, it can become so much more than a meal.  Beyond a list of ingredients and cooking methods, it can tell a story and evoke the feeling of home.  During this time of change, people are staying home and eating out a lot less.  Cooking dinner and spending a lot of quality time with our families is becoming our every day existence.

Cookbooks. Recipe card boxes. Torn out pages from a magazine.  All of us have those in our kitchen in a specific location where they won’t get lost. Some include notes like “good” or “yummy” and some are handwritten by your grandma or great-uncle. Some have ingredients that are no longer deemed edible and some may even make you laugh (lime Jell-o and carrot infused square suggested to be served on an iceberg lettuce leaf).

Since most of us are cooking from home these days, we wondered what recipes you are using? We want to hear from you about your favorite recipes, what you love about them, and especially their history or what makes the recipe special to you. Where did your grandmother’s apple pie come from? How did your mom make Halushki? What was that special ingredient in grandpa’s barbecue sauce?

Please send your recipes and the stories behind them to Debra Schlechte, IHC Office Manager, at and we will share them on our website.  We would love to see photos of the finished dish, the cooking process, and even the original recipe card!

Cream Cheese Bread
Prize-winning Meatloaf
Fry Bread
Pear Clafouti
Mystery Cake
Easy Salad Dressing
Sauce Recipes from Thérèse Alpetche Laxalt Handwritten "Cooking Notebook"
Casserole of Pork Chops
Treasmes (thurj-murj)
Fattigman, or Poor Man's Cookie
Wallace Applesauce Cake
Lemon Jam
Berry Cobbler
Lebanese Lentil Soup w/Swiss Chard
Florence Matthew's Pie Crust
Easy Baked Polenta
Country Spare Ribs
Best Ever Banana Bread
Wacky Cake
Aunt Blanche Carrot Cake
Mandarin Orange Jell-O
German Chocolate Pie
Chicken Mole
Grandma Grasser's French Salad Dressing
Potato, kale, and spicy sausage soup
Carrot Cake
Carrot Souffle
Grandmother Frey’s gingerbread