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The IHC Speakers Bureau has been providing quality speakers to Idaho since 1990 as part of the Idaho Humanities Council's commitment to further public education and civil discourse.

IHC speakers are an outstanding group of scholars who are available and willing to travel throughout the state of Idaho for luncheons, dinners, meetings, and special events.  Speakers' topics are humanities related and cover a broad spectrum of interests.

To see a list of all IHC speakers in our speakers bureau, please click on this link:  "Speakers"

Sponsoring organizations who are interested in applying for a speaker can click on this link: "Speaker Application"  Please download the detailed instructions on how to apply for a speaker, and read them carefully before you apply! How to Apply for a Speaker.

IHC is proud to announce that we received a grant from US Bank Foundation that will help us continue to provide Speakers Bureau programs all throughout the state of Idaho through 2019.  Thank you US Bank Foundation for your generous support of IHC's Speakers Bureau programs!

The Speakers Bureau is sponsored in part by: