Speakers Bureau

Promotional Materials

The IHC has made the following promotional materials available to our Speakers Bureau speakers and project directors.  To download and print the pdf documents, click on the link.  Print as many copies as you think you will need.  Each item opens in a separate window.

IHC Brochure - Print this brochure in color, and front to back.  Fold them in half, lengthwise.

IHC Mailing List - Print in color.

Podium Sign - Print this sign in color, and front to back.  Place inside a sheet protector so you can use it more than once. Tape it to the front of the podium if you use one.

Publication Sheets - There are two sheets per page.  Print in color, and cut the sheets in half.

Donation Information - Print in color.

SAMPLE Speakers Bureau Flyer - Effective December 1, 2019, IHC will not be able to individually design flyers for event publicity. However, we have provided a pdf sample flyer that sponsors can use to help them create their own flyers.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the IHC Speakers Bureau Coordinator, Debra Schlechte, at (208) 345-5346.  Thank you.