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Speakers bureau presentation given by Dr. David Adler on May 15, 2015 entitled, "The Second Amendment: Fundamentals and Myths".

Apply for a Speaker

Please contact the Idaho Humanities Council Speakers Bureau Coordinator, Debra Schlechte at (208) 345-5346, or email at debra@idahohumanities.org, for assistance or more information about any step in the following application procedure.

Note to sponsors:  You are only allowed to apply for 4 speakers in one years time frame.


When you click on the "Apply Online" link at the bottom of this page (scroll down, ALL THE WAY DOWN), or the red box to the right, you will be directed to the login page. On the login page, there is a grey box on the right side of the webpage.  You will find a “click here” link (in blue) to the detailed instructions on how to create a login account.  Please print out the instructions, read, and follow the steps listed.  If you already have an account in our system, and begun the application process previously, you may login and begin a new application. Please DO NOT create a new account!

If you have forgotten your login password and need to reset it, please contact the Speakers Bureau Coordinator, Debra Schlechte, by phone or email (see contact information above).

1.  Once you have logged in to our system, you will be directed to an application status page.  This page will list all your current and closed applications, and your follow-up forms. If you need to edit your contact information, click on your name located at the upper right-hand corner of your screen, and then click "Edit My Profile".

2.  To apply for a speaker, click on the “Apply” link on the left side of the screen (in the burgundy box.)  This will take you to a list of applications.  Click on the “Speakers Bureau Application Process” link and start your application.  You MUST fill out a separate application for EACH presentation.  Complete each question in the space provided.  You must answer all questions marked with an asterisk (*) before you can submit the application to IHC.  If you miss a required question, and hit the “Submit Application” button at the bottom of the page, a notification will pop up on your screen letting you know you missed a required question, and which one you missed.  You will need to go back to the missed question and answer it.  Then you will be able to successfully hit the “Submit Application” button at the bottom of the page.

If you do not hit the “Submit Application” button, IHC will not receive your application, and it will be listed as a DRAFT!  You will run the risk of having your application marked as ABONDONED.  Please be sure you hit the “Submit Application” button to send your application to the Speakers Bureau Coordinator.  If you do not intend to submit your application immediately, you may continue to work on your application as often as you wish before submitting.  However, you MUST SAVE YOUR COPY BEFORE YOU EXIT ("Save as Draft" button at the bottom of the page.)

The online application system does not have font selections and will not retain any special fonts, bold, or italics that you copy and paste from other programs.  All copy is changed to the default font.  We suggest CAPITALIZING words that need special emphasis.

3.  Each presentation requires a $100.00 application fee (i.e., if you request one speaker, but they are doing two presentations, you must pay a $200.00 application fee).  You can pay the application fee either by credit card or by check.  If you choose to pay by credit card, a link to the credit card page is located at the top of the application under the question “Speakers Bureau Application Instructions” and also at the bottom of the application under the question “How will you be paying the $100.00 application fee?”

If you chose to pay the application fee by check, you may do so.  However, it will take longer for the application to be approved.  Speakers Bureau applications will NOT be approve until the fee has been paid!  Your presentation can be cancelled due to lack of payment.  Please be sure the application fee if paid in plenty of time BEFORE your presentation date.

Once your application is complete, and you have paid the application fee (if you chose to do so by credit card), click on the “Submit Application” button at the bottom of the page.  A confirmation page will let you know that your application has been successfully submitted.

You will receive an automated email from our online system when your application is approved.  It will include a copy of the application for your records.  Since most of the emails you receive regarding your presentation will be automated, please be sure you add the email address administrator@grantinterface.com to your email safe list.  Otherwise, all email communications regarding your event will go into your junk folder, and you will miss important reminders.

4.  You will be REQUIRED to fill out and submit a follow-up form entitled “Project Director Evaluation and Cost Share Form”.  You must fill it out and submit it to the IHC Speakers Bureau Coordinator AFTER the presentation is complete.

Sponsors must keep accurate records of donated time and services (Cost Share), and include this information on the follow-up form.  Please estimate your cost share.  You will receive an automated email reminder to submit the form the day after the presentation is complete.  Your follow-up form is due one week after your event has ended!  IHC cannot pay the speaker until you have submitted this form!  Please don’t forget!  However, if you do forget, you will start receiving automated email reminders as soon as you pass the form due date.  You will get them every day until the form has been filled out and submitted to the IHC Speakers Bureau Coordinator.

5.  The sponsoring organization is responsible for the program planning, publicity, meeting space, as well as acknowledging IHC support verbally and in all printed materials.  Otherwise, your organizations future bookings will be disapproved.  Please publicize the program sufficiently to assure the minimuim audience count of 20 people is reached, so that it is cost effective for IHC and worthwhile for the speaker.  If requested on your application, IHC can provide a pdf copy of a flier you can use to help publicize your event.  However, this is a courtesy, and IHC is NOT required to provide it.

6.  IHC will pay the speaker’s honorarium and travel expenses directly.  IHC reimburses the speaker for travel, lodging, and meals in accordance with IHC travel policies.  If your event requires the speaker to seek accommodations and meals above the IHC rate, you may be asked to provide the cash difference.  This amount would be included on the Project Directors Evaluation and Cost Share Form of donated services (Cost Share) to IHC after the presentation.

What Happens Next

1.  One week BEFORE your event, contact the speaker and confirm all arrangements.  Be sure to specify date, time, and location and clarify equipment needs and any other special requirements, such as meals or accommodations.

2.  Publicize the event to secure the largest possible audience.  We encourage you to invite the general public; programs must be free and open to the public.  A minimal fee of no more than $7.00 may be charged, but no one should be excluded for inability to pay the fee.  Please notify IHC if you plan to charge a fee.  All press releases, posters, and printed materials must acknowledge IHC support.  If sponsors need a digital copy of the IHC logo and publicity statement information, please contact the IHC Speakers Bureau Coordinator.

3.  In introducing your speaker, sponsors must acknowledge that this event is made possible by the generous support of the Idaho Humanities Council, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and any other funding organizations.