Renee Silvus

Live Like Thoreau, an Interactive Slide Show

There’s the mythology around Henry David’s two years at Walden Pond, just a cantankerous idler.  What about the rabble-rouser who went to jail, defended John Brown, and inspired Gandhi and Dr. King?  Or the local fellow who walked 3 hours a day, taking notes and helping his neighbors?  The pencil-maker, surveyor, flute-player, and dancer.  A life documented in over 40 manuscripts and countless letters.

Come meet Henry, the guy known in his time for being humorous, contradictory, and an underachiever.  Were those long daily walks frivolous or fodder for creativity?  Climate change scientists are grateful~ they have precise measurements from a nineteenth-century natural historian.  We also have our personal and collective philosophic inheritance, ways we’ve received a deep wisdom and made it our own.

In this presentation, we’ll look at places and artifacts, read a little brilliance, and discuss how to Live like Thoreau.