William Rossiter

Songs for Your Supper

In singing about our food we celebrate our identity. Many food songs represent nostalgia for an uncomplicated past, when grandma cooked real food and we turned up our noses at haut cuisine. Ethnic and national groups, for example, preserve an important part of their culture when they serve traditional foods.

These songs are about home cooking, about the ethnic and farm kitchen, pork chops, corned beef and cabbage, lefse, pastries. They are all fall-back dishes when times are tough, and go-to dishes when we need to get back to basics: grits and greens, garden tomatoes, potatoes, lutefisk (not for the sissy). The songs help us understand American cultural, ethnic and social history, a simpler time when the basic rule of nutrition was “Fill ‘er up.”

Songs are accompanied by guitar, banjo, autoharp and harmonica.