Renee Silvus

The Hero/Heroine’s Journey, our Life Adventure

Why does this storyline continue to fascinate us? Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games. Same story, same cast of characters, different settings.  The adventures and archetypes of the hero/heroine is our human experience, especially our search for meaning and purpose.

First is receiving the call and departure.  After accepting the call, our heroes acquire help and face thresholds, both external and internal.

They are then tested with adventures. They encounter archetypes such as the monster, shapeshifter, meeting the goddess, and a descent into darkness.

Finally they cross more thresholds to return with a new role, often not welcome. The heroes have gifts to offer and must integrate all paths.

This presentation explores the rich terrain of the journey with art, film, literature, sacred texts, historical figures, and an engaging discussion integrating our own lives.