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Cole LeFavour

Cole LeFavour (they/them) is a writer, activist and former State Senator who, in 2004, was elected as Idaho first openly gay member of the Idaho legislature. After eight years serving in government on committees ranging from Budget and Taxation to the Judiciary, Environment, Health and Welfare, LeFavour became a founder of Idaho’s Add the Words movement and left elected office in 2012 to organize peaceful acts of civil disobedience, attempting to advance human and civil rights for gay and transgender people. Raised in rural Central Idaho, LeFavour earned a bachelors in cognitive science from U.C. Berkeley. LeFavour’s 2016 TEDx Talk on fear and anger has nearly 100K views on YouTube. Cole is one of Idaho’s many gender pioneers and identifies as “non-binary” meaning as neither male nor female and often as a little of both.

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