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Tracy Morrison

“Sunbaked soil and rabbit brush, rattlesnake coils in the desert rust,” Tracy Morrison sings on the opening track of her third full-length album, “Flower Songs in Sagebrush Town” (2019). “Her path is paved with bone and stone, this desert plain will lead her home…” a tribute to women and girls who traveled the Oregon Trail during the western migration of 1840’s to the 1860’s. “My songwriting is driven by real people and real stories.” The story songs include “Black Mary” aka Stagecoach Mary, the first African American woman, postal carrier for the US Star Route; “Prairie Rose” (Ann Robbins), bronc riding champion of the Golden Age of Rodeo, and “The Ballad of Molly B’Damn” (Maggie Hall), college educated Irish immigrant who left New York City to pursue her independence and became a well-known humanitarian and successful Madame. “There were very few jobs available to early western women. While some women became homesteaders or ranchers, many others were subject to a life of prostitution. All of these new western lifestyles introduced some degree of independence and allowed women to organize.”

Tracy Morrison is a folksinger-songwriter and sixth generation Idaho native. She was raised on a small farm in Hammett, Idaho with limited access to television or radio and learned folk-music through community song circles. Morrison’s musical style draws from American Root genres and her programs explore the human experiencing through music and storytelling.

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