Lighting Out for the Territory: Idaho History, 1863-1890

Over 100 Idaho teachers attended a series of four two–day regional workshops for K-12 teachers during the summer of 2013.  The Idaho Humanities Council sponsored the workshops exploring Idaho territorial history in commemoration of Idaho’s sesquicentennial.  The workshops were held June 24-25 in Boise, June 27-28 in Pocatello, July 8-9 in Lewiston, and July 11-12 in Coeur d’Alene.

The workshops were supported in part by a grant from the Idaho Education Association and by the IHC’s Endowment for Humanities Education.

Lighting out for the Territory:  Idaho History, 1863-1890 explored Native American relations (treaties and wars) and the Gold Rush story; territorial politics; migration and settlement; and economic development, including mining, timber, agricultural, water rights, etc.

A modest traveling exhibit developed by the Idaho State Historical Society in partnership with the Idaho Humanities Council was on display at each workshop.  Special evening lectures were open to the public at each location.

Scholars from several universities and agencies lead the workshops, including University of Idaho historian Katherine Aiken, Idaho State Historical Society Historian Keith Petersen, ISHS Board Trustee Tom Blanchard, Lewis-Clark Sate College historian Christopher Riggs, Idaho State University historians Laura Woodworth-Nye and Kevin Marsh.  Participating teachers were given a special Idaho Landscapesissue devoted to the theme Idaho: 1863.