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Need funding for a humanities project?

We offer grants to support projects involving Idaho citizens that focus on literature, history, philosophy, art history, archaeology, and other humanities disciplines.

Please contact Executive Director David Pettyjohn - (208) 345-5346 or david@idahohumanities.org - to discuss your application and project idea prior to

Grant Types and Deadlines

Opportunity Grants ($1,000 or less) – An opportunity grant application must be submitted at least 40 days before the planned program. This is to allow ample time for publicity, which includes credit to IHC for providing grant funds for the project. Applications may be submitted online at any time. Allow two weeks for a decision.

Teacher Incentive Grants ($1,000 or less) – The IHC offers Teacher Incentive Grants for curriculum improvement in the humanities.  Applications must be submitted at least 40 days before the planned program.  These grants are intended to help K-12 teachers improve the humanities courses they already teach or to help teachers or organizations develop a new or interdisciplinary course or student program in the humanities.  Applications may be submitted online at any time. Allow two weeks for a decision.

Major Grants (over $1,000) – No upper level of funding has been fixed; however, few awards exceed $10,000.  The level of an award depends on the merits of the proposal, the amount of the grant funds available, and the number and quality of proposals in competition.

Major grants/research fellowships


Major Grant/Research Fellowship Applications will be available July 1, 2020.

Initial Application (Required) - December 15; August 15.

Final Application Submission Deadline - January 15; September 15.

Research Fellowships are accepted during the August/September deadlines only.

If a grant deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be due the following workday.

Applications are reviewed by the full board in February and October. Activities should be scheduled to begin no sooner than March 1 or November 1 respectively. If the dates of your program events are planned for early in March, we advise that you apply in September; or if the program events are planned for early November, we advise that you apply in January.


Grant Recipients

You have been awarded a grant from the Idaho Humanities Council. You should have received an approval letter by email with all the conditions and requirements for your grant. Click below to go to IHC's online Grant Management System. Login with the same user name and password you used to apply in order to access the follow-up forms required for IHC grants.

Be sure to contact Cindy Wang, Director of Operations, cindy@idahohumanities.org, with any questions as you proceed with your project.