Grant FAQ and Resources

Are the arts part of the humanities?

Yes and no – the easiest way to think about the difference is art focuses of the “doing”, while the humanities focus on talking about it. Art also focuses on the aesthetic experience or a painting, dance, or other artwork. Humanities require us to ask, engage, and reflect on the art in question.

Do you fund arts programs?

We do not fund the creation of art, but we can fund the interpretation of art. If your project includes a mix of arts and humanities, we require our funding to go towards the humanities pieces of the program. You can use the art portions as cost share!

What is cost share?

Cost share is the part of the project the IHC does not cover. We can only fund up to 50% of a project. Cost share can be cash, donated services/time/items related to the project, or both!

Can I apply for multiple IHC grants for the same project?

No. Once a project has received a form of IHC funding, you may not request additional funds to support it. If it is a program you do yearly and received a grant supporting the 2022 program, you may apply for funding for the 2023 program.

I have applied before and got a denial. Should I bother applying again?

If the project or your organization are eligible, you should consider applying! It is highly encouraged to reach out to the Grants Manager to discuss how to make your program more competitive.

Do you fund book publishing/production?

We have funded the production of a variety of books. To make the grant application as competitive as possible, we recommend asking for IHC funding to support programs with the completed book rather than supplies to print the book.

I need help applying, what should I do?

Please reach out to Doug Exton, Grants Manager ( for one-on-one assistance. This also includes a walkthrough of the guidelines, the application, or even brainstorming!

Can I count volunteers’ time as cost share?

Of course you can! If it is a donated service (i.e., a graphic designer who designs the exhibit, but does not charge you), you can claim that they normally would charge as cost share. For general volunteers, you can use a pre-determined rate. We recommend utilizing the most current rate from this website.

Can I get an extension for my grant? My project is taking longer than expected.

You can typically request an extension for up to six months, but exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to Doug Exton, Grants Manager ( if you need an extension. Please include the reason, and the new deadline for the project when you reach out.

Where are your logos and publicity statements?

Right here!